2002 Four Winns Funship 214 234 254 Boat Owners Manual

Pushing SET again causes the up arrows to blink, indi-   If your auto shut-off has occurred you will need to reset
cating shallower settings.  Pushing  the MODE button     your alarm depth as well as your clock.  Turn the igni-
decreases the depth alarm setting.
tion key to “ON” to power up the module and follow the
preceding instructions regarding  the depth and clock
Pushing SET a third time initiates “Units Mode”.  While   programming instructions.
in “Units  Mode”, the  current “feet”  or “meter”  telltale
flashes.  Pushing the MODE button changes between     If you have any questions or  need assistance please
feet and meters display and changes the flashing tell-     contact VDO North America LLC at (540) 665-0100 or
Four Winns® Customer Service at 231-775-1343.
Pushing SET a fourth time returns to “Depth Mode”, or    J. Four Winns®/VDO Module Display Settings -
after 30 seconds of no activity on the buttons, the dis-
play returns to depth mode automatically.
2000 234 Candia FS and 254 Candia FS
New for model year 2000, the LCD display has seven
(7) basic functions, clock, depth, distance log, trip log,
engine hours, trip hours, and water temperature.  The
operation and display of the functions is controlled by
the MODE and SET push  buttons. The programming
of all  the FOUR WINNS®/VDO displays  is shown in
the VDO  “Quick Start” chart  included at the  end of
this section. Please note that the ADJUST button on
the VDO Quick Start card is the SET button on the
Four Winns® dash panel. Also included in the follow-
ing is a detailed description of the steps involved in set-
ting the different display functions:
If you have set your depth incorrectly and you
are not sure how to reset your depth. You can
disconnect the positive (red) terminal from the
battery.  After waiting a couple of seconds re-
connect the positive  terminal.  This will  clear
everything and  allow you  to reprogram  your
shallow depth alarm and clock
The clock can display in 12 hour or 24 hour mode (mili-
tary time).  The time can be displayed in hours & min-     1.  Clock
utes or in minutes & seconds.  Pressing MODE  while
in clock mode (not setting) toggles the hr-min and min-   The Clock Display is selected  by pressing the MODE
sec mode.  At  an hour boundary the  clock returns to     button.  Note that during Clock Display the colon blinks
once per second.
hour & minute display.
The time of day is set by pressing and holding MODE
and SET for 2  seconds while in Clock Display mode.
The MODE button is then used to advance through the
time set  features.  Hours  are set first,  then minutes,
then 12/24 hour mode. The selected digits blink while
being set. While in set mode the SET button is pressed
to increment the selected unit.  The hours is set in the
To set the clock, press SET.  The clock display will be
in 24 hr. format (so that AM & PM are clear).  Pressing
MODE will increase the hours. Holding MODE for more
than a second will cause the hours to scroll up.
Pressing SET again will cause the minutes to blink. The
MODE button now acts on  the minutes.  Each time a
new minute value  is entered, the  seconds are set  to
hour format, rolling to zero at 24. The minutes roll to
zero at 60.  While setting the 12/24 hour feature, 24 is
displayed in the hours position and 12  is displayed in
the minutes position.  The current mode blinks (i.e. in
Pressing SET a third time allows you to set the 12/24
hour mode. The display will show 24:12 with the active
mode blinking.
hour the “24” blinks).
MODE and SET are debounced for 3/8 of a second.  If
the SET button is held for 2 seconds while setting the
numeric value the key auto  repeats at a rate of 6 per
second (i.e. to scroll through all 60 minutes requires 12
seconds).  When the ignition is turned off  the present
mode is saved and the LCD  displays the time of day.
The time  setting functions are  not available  with
the ignition  off.  When  the ignition is  turned on the
LCD returns to its prior display mode.
Pressing SET again returns to normal time keeping.
The clock has a three  week auto shut-off ca-
pability.  This will reduce the drain of your bat-
Candia FS Owner’s Manual
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