2002 Four Winns Funship 214 234 254 Boat Owners Manual

Clear vinyl curtains and windows demand extra care to
prevent scratching. DO NOT use cloth or chamois skin.
The boat must be properly protected during winter dry      Dirt or grit in the cloth will scratch the vinyl window. Hose
dock storage. Awinter storage cover is advisable. Many    clean water onto vinyl to rinse off salt, dirt, or grime.
marine dealers offer shrinkwrap enclosures for outdoor
storage.  See a Four Winns® dealer for information on
the availability of winter storage covers or other alterna-
tives for storage.
DO NOTuse hot water. DO NOT dry in an auto-
matic dryer. DO NOTdry clean or steam press.
When storing outdoors, make sure the supporting frame-  Leakage after cleaning may be the result of insufficient
work keeps the weight of the snow and rain from accu-    rinsing.  Re-rinse.  If leakage continues, apply a coat of
mulating on the storage cover. Proper ventilation must     silicone     air   drying    water    repellent,     such   as
also be provided or dry rot and mildew will occur.  See     Scotchguard™.    See  your Four  Winns®  dealer for
SectionR GeneralMaintenanceforadditionalwinterstor-        additional information on weather covers.
age information.
O - 4
When the boat is underway, a natural vacuum may exist
Moisture, dirt, chemicals from industrial fallout, heat, ul-    with the right wind and sea conditions  to draw the ex-
traviolet rays and in some cases, salt water are factors    haust gases (which includes carbon monoxide) into the
which affect the longevity of acrylic covers.
boat.   When the side curtains  are installed, this  com-
pounds the possibility of this occurring. Carbon monox-
Moisture can cause shrinkage  and mildew.  Allow     ide may also be present when mooring or near sea walls.
the cover  to dry thoroughly  before disassembling     For more information, refer to Section B-2 Carbon Mon-
tops.  Keep it  clean and well ventilated to prevent      oxide in this manual.
mildew.   Spraying the  weather  cover with  Lysol
Disinfectant™ or  similar product will  help prevent     The carbon monoxide in exhaust fumes can be hazard-
ous.  It is important for you and your passengers to be
aware of the potential safety hazard created by exhaust
Dirt creates a starting point for mildew when mois-     fumes.  Familiarize yourself with the symptoms of indi-
ture is present. Clean the top with a sponge or soft    viduals overcome  by carbon monoxide,  and most im-
scrub brush and mild detergent when  the cover is     portantly, ways you can protect yourself and your guests.
installed.  Make sure  cover is taut to help prevent
Exhaust fumes  from engines contain carbon
Chemicals cause decay if allowed to accumulate for
monoxide.   Boats with  canvas deployed are
long periods of time.  Keep the cover clean to pre-
more likely  to collect  exhaust fumes.   Avoid
vent decay.
brain damage  or death  from carbon monox-
ide.  Keep cockpit and cabin areas well venti-
Heat can cause cracks in vinyl components and stiff-
lated.  Signs of exposure include nausea, diz-
ening of fabric when enclosed in plastic or polyeth-
ziness, and drowsiness.   See Section B-2  of
ylene. DO NOT store the weather cover in polyeth-
the boat owner’s  manual for more details.   If
ylene under direct sunlight or high temperature situ-
using a catalytic heater, provide ventilation. Do
not use catalytic heater while sleeping.
Ultraviolet degradation may occur under prolonged
exposure to direct sunlight. Store the top in the boot
when not in use.
Salt water can corrode  brass, aluminum, or stain-
less steel fittings and fasteners. Keep fittings clean,
lubricated, and waxed to prevent corrosion.
Candia FS Owner’s Manual
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