2002 Four Winns Funship 214 234 254 Boat Owners Manual

Changing either diameter or pitch will have an  effect
on engine speed  and prop slip,  and in turn,  directly
affect the performance of a boat. The propeller(s) in-
cluded with each Four Winns® boat provide the best
general performance  based on  data obtained  from
on-the-water testing of that model. Variations in load,
operating conditions, environment, the individual en-
gine and hull performance  may necessitate the pur-
chase and use of another propeller(s).
be found in  the engine operator’s manual included  in
the owner’s packet.
Boat Properly Trimmed
turn within  the  maximum RPM  range when  at  full
throttle.  If the engine(s)  exceeds the recommended
RPM, an increase in pitch and/or diameter is required.
If the engine RPM is too low, a decrease in pitch and/
or diameter is required.
Boat Too High - Trim Bow “Down”
An engine that  is not developing  full power and  the
load carried in a boat will directly affect performance of
theengine. Alwaysbesuretheengineisproperlytuned
and load conditions are those normally experienced,
before changing propellers.
Boat Too Low - Trim Bow “Up”
Figure E2:  Running Angle
For additional information on factors affecting perfor-
mance, please consult your Four Winns® dealer.
B.   Power Tilt
Power tilt allows the operator to raise and lower the drive
or outboard motor for trailering, launching, and beach-
ing. Additional information on power tilt can be found in
the engine operator’s manual included in  the owner’s
E - 5
Hull planing surfaces have the least amount of drag at
a three to five degree angle with the water. This is the
preferred running angle when  boating.  The running
angle has a significant impact on top speed and han-
dling.  See  Figure E2.   Heavy load or certain  water
conditions may make it difficult to achieve the optimum
running angle.  The running  angle can be controlled
through the use of the power trim.
DO NOT operate the motor with  the water in-
takes out of the water.  Severe damage to the
engine systems can result. Consult the engine
operator’s manual for specific information.
A.   Power Trim
E - 6
Trim angle is how far in or out, the drive  or outboard
motor is positioned in relation to the bottom of the boat.
The trim angle of the drive or outboard engine has a
distinct affect on the running angle of the boat.
The helm station on  a 214 Candia FS (I/O  or O/B) is
equipped with a  complete set of individual  engine in-
strument gauges.  These instrument gauges allow the
tion of the engine.   Close observation of these instru-
ment gauges could save the engine from damage. See
Figure E3.
The power trim system permits control of the trim angle
of the drive or outboard motor relative to the boat, at
the touch of a button.  It allows the drive or outboard
motor to be raised for shallow water operation. Power
trim also allows the operator to adjust the motor while
underway to provide the ideal running angle for a given
load and water condition.  Additional information can
Candia FS Owner’s Manual
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