2002 Four Winns Funship 214 234 254 Boat Owners Manual

Be sure all necessary safety equipment is on board
and operative. This includes items such as the run-
ning lights, horn, spotlight, life saving devices, etc.
DO NOT swim or dangle legs or arms into the
water during a lightning storm.  Stay out of the
Check the bilge water level and bilge pump opera-
tion.  Check the engine and drive fluid levels.  Look
for other signs of potential problems. Check for the
scent of fuel fumes.
Lightning will seek a ground when it strikes. Avoid con-
tact with metal parts such as bow rails, control handle, or
Activate the Bilge Blower. Check the blower output.
Gasoline vapors can explode resulting in injury
or death.   Before  starting the  engine, check
operation.  ALWAYS run the blower when the
vessel is operating below cruising speed.
Please keep in mind that along with the fun of  boating
comes responsibility. As the owner or operator of a plea-
sure boat, you are obligated (morally and legally) to use
and well-being  of your passengers and  other boaters
around you.
Ensure an adequate amount of fuel is on board.
A common and flagrant violation of good judgement and
the law by mariners involves the use of alcohol or drugs.
Each year, about half of all accidents involving fatalities
involve the use of alcohol or drugs.
Be sure you have sufficient water and other provi-
sions on board for the cruise planned.
cruise with a close friend ashore.
It is a federal offense to operate a boat while intoxicated.
Criminal penalties may include the termination of operat-
ingprivilegesforuptooneyear.    Manystateshavepassed
similar laws.
B.   After Starting The Engine
Visibly check the engine to be sure there are no ap-
parent water or oil leaks.
Alcohol or drugs have an inhibiting effect on the judge-
ment and reaction time of the boat operator and his/her
passengers. Heed  the advice  of experts  and statisti-
NEVER allow an obviously intoxicated person to take the
Check the gauges. Make sure the oil pressure, wa-
ter temperature, voltmeter, etc. are reading normally.
Have a safe cruise and enjoy yourself.
Have fun in your Four Winns® boat but also, have the
good sense to be mentally alert and physically capable
of operating the boat in a safe manner.
A - 9
A.   Before Starting
Check the engine compartment for water, gas, and/
or oil leaks of any kind.   Keep the bilge in a clean
condition to prevent blower and bilge pump damage,
and fire hazards.
Before leaving the dock, the following items should be
A.   Before Starting The Engine
Check the fluid levels of  the engine oil and power
steering system daily. Fill oil or steering fluid as re-
quired by the indications on the dip sticks.  Refer to
the Table 1: “SAE Viscosity Chart” and your engine
manual included in the owner’s packet.  DO NOT
USEMULTIGRADEOIL.  Powersteering  and power
Check the weather forecast. Determine if the cruise
planned can be made safely.
Candia FS Owner’s Manual
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