2001 Four Winns V375 Boat Owners Manual

Fuel Systems
I - 1
Fuel Selector
Gasoline fuel systems used in  Four Winns
boats are
designed to meet or exceed the requirements of the
U.S. Coast Guard, the National Marine Manufacturers
Association, and the American Boat and Yacht Coun-
cil in effect at the time of manufacture.
Fuel Fill
Use only clean, dry fuel of the type and grade
recommended by the engine manufacturer.
The use of incorrect or contaminated fuel can
cause engine malfunction and serious
damage. Engine damage resulting from the
use of a lower octane gasoline is considered
misuse of the engine and will void the engine
warranty. Refer to the section on Gasoline
Requirements in the engine manual for
information on octane specifications.
Fuel Vent
Starboard Fuel Tank
(Port & Stbd Typical)
(Port Fuel Tank Not Shown)
Figure I2:  Twin Fuel Tank Locations - Inboard
A.   System Testing
All gasoline fuel systems have been factory inspected
and pressure tested in accordance with regulations
in effect at the time of manufacture. Additionally, each
fuel tank must pass rigid tests and inspections per-
formed by the fuel tank manufacturer.
In twin engine applications, the port and starboard fuel
tanks are located forward and outboard in relationship
to their respective engine. See Figures I1 and I2. The
capacity of the fuel tank(s) may be found on our
website at www.fourwinns.com.
Prior to taking delivery, it is important that a full
inspection be made of the entire fuel system by
the selling dealer.  An entry on the Four Winns
Pre-Delivery Inspection Form portion of the Warranty
Registration Card will attest to the dealer’s perfor-
mance of this service.
The V375 models are equipped with twin fuel tanks
and come with a manual fuel valve system.
This fuel valve system allows you to manually select
which fuel tank you want your engines to draw fuel
from. The generator uses a separate fuel pick-up.
Please see Figure I8 at the end of this section for fuel
valve operations.
Fuel Fill
B.   Fuel Fills
Fuel Selector
The fuel fill deck plates are located on the port and
starboard rear decks and are marked “GAS”. Be sure
to utilize the proper type and grade of fuel as recom-
mended by the engine manufacturer. To open, insert
the  deck plate key into the holes on the cap and
rotate counterclockwise. A bead chain connects the
cap to body to help prevent loss overboard. Refer
to Section I-3 for information regarding fueling instruc-
Fuel Vent
Starboard Fuel Tank
(Port & Stbd Typical)
(Port Engine & Fuel Tank
Not Shown)
DO NOT confuse FUEL deck fill plate with
WATER or WASTE deck plates.  Deck fill
plates are labeled according to the intended
Figure I1:  Twin Fuel Tank Locations - Stern Drive
Fuel Systems - Section I
Owner’s Manual Page 94
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