2001 Four Winns V375 Boat Owners Manual

exhaust relief and the exhaust through the propeller
hub. Inboard models expel water and exhaust through
exhaust ports. A temperature gauge(s) located on
your instrument panel monitors engine(s) tempera-
These V series models use surface water as a cooling
medium for the heat exchanger. The cooling water
employed enters the system through a water intake
and is relinquished through the exhaust manifold
system.Inboards utilize thru-hull water intake scoops.
These types of intakes have an external strainer.
Be sure strainers are kept free of mud, weeds and
other debris. Some boating areas require that addi-
tional strainers or water intake filters be installed.
Reference Section P-3 - Equipment Installation, in this
manual for installation instructions and consult your
Four Winns dealer regarding any special equipment
that may be required.
Inboard boats utilize exhaust hoses to
relinquish cooling water. A periodic inspection
of the hoses, muffler and related parts should
be made to insure that leaks or heat
deterioration have not resulted. Replace them
as necessary.
A gate valve or seacock is provided at each engine
intake scoop previously described. Be sure these
valves are in the open position (lever is parallel with
the valve) when operating the engines and in the
closed positions (lever is perpendicular to valve) when
engines are not operating for an extended period of
Never operate your engine without a
thermostat. Engine damage can occur and is
considered operator negligence and therefore
not covered under the engine warranty.
If engine should overheat, turn off engine,
look for obstructions to water pick-up. If any
obstructions are found, clear the obstructions
and run engine again at 1500 RPM in neutral
and check temperature gauge to verify
condition. If overheating still occurs, return to
port at low RPM to prevent excessive over-
heating and engine damage. Consult with
your certified engine dealer for service.
Serious engine damage could result if seacock
valve(s) is not open during engine(s) operation.
Ensure seacock valve(s) are in the open
position when operating engine(s).
Should an engine intake or an exhaust or
cooling hose rupture, turn the engine off and
close the seacock immediately. Proceed under
tow, if necessary, to a service facility for
appropriate repairs; maintain a close visual
watch on the problem hose and also on the
bilge water level.
When laying up the boat for winter it is
important that the cooling system be flushed
with fresh water so that deposits do not dry and
to prevent the buildup of salt crystals. Please
consult your engine owner’s/operator’s manual
for proper engine and cooling system
winterization procedures.
B.   Fresh Water Cooling
Hull planing surfaces have the least amount of drag at
a three to five degree angle with the water. This is the
preferred running angle when boating. The running
angle has a signifi cant impact on top speed and
handling. Heavy load or certain water conditions may
make it difficult to achieve the optimum running angle.
See Figure E7.
Certain V series inboards along with certain stern
drive models include a “closed water cooling” system.
This system provides adequate engine cooling without
exposing the internal engine to the detrimental effects
of surface water, including salt, highly polluted or silt-
laden water. The engine owners manual provides
additional information regarding service and mainte-
nance of this equipment. See your Four Winns dealer
for availability.
Engines, Drives and Instrumentation - Section E
Owner’s Manual Page 59
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