2001 Four Winns V375 Boat Owners Manual

to Section L-1A - Galley Equipment in this manual for
more information.
Always remember to disconnect the shore
power cord from the dockside first before
leaving the dock. Properly store shore power
Microwave - The MICROWAVE breaker must be
activated and the boat connected to dockside power
or use the generator to supply power to the micro-
B.   120 Volt AC Equipment
Icemaker - The icemaker is standard on the V375
breaker located on the on the AC side of the AC/DC
cabin panel must be “ON” to supply power to the
All 12 volt equipment is isolated from the 120 volt AC
system (except the refrigerator which is dual voltage).
Appropriately labeled circuit breakers protect all AC
systems on the boat. The receptacles can be used for
volt (220 volts on 50 Hertz models) household
appliances. Refer to the following list for information
on appliances and other equipment.
Receptacles - The OUTLETS circuit breakers supply
power to the corresponding receptacles in the AC
Battery Charger - The battery charger is controlled
by a circuit breaker on the AC electrical panel in the
cabin labeled BATTERY CHARGER. In order for the
charger to charge the battery(s) the circuit breaker
must be “ON” while connected to dockside power.
If a generator is available and operating it too will
allow the batteries to be charged by the battery
Air Conditioner - The AIR CONDITIONER circuit
breakers supplies power to the air conditioner. The
V375 models have dual dockside installation. With a
dual dockside installation, one inlet is dedicated to the
air conditioning only and the other is for the “AC Main
Inlet”. Refer to Section L-4 - Air Conditioning in this
manual for more information.
Refrigerator - The GALLEY REFRIGERATOR circuit
breaker must be on to operate on 120 voltage. If this
breaker is off, the refrigerator will automatically
operate on the 12 volt system. This can deplete the
battery. Excess  ive drain on the battery may cause
irreparable battery damage. The refrigerator will
automatically operate on 120 volts when provided.
Refer to Section L-1C - Galley Equipment in this
manual for more information.
Most receptacle circuits are capable of handling 15
amperes.  Refer to Table III for a list of equipment and
the electrical currents usually required to operate
these items. For 220 volt, 50 Hertz models, divide all
of the current ratings by 2. Usually, the power require-
ment is specified on the electrical item. This is only an
ap proximation of the electric cur rent usage normally
experi enced.
Air Conditioners
Battery Chargers
Blankets (Electric)
Coffee Makers
Electrical Drills
See motor load plate
Water Heater - The WATER HEATER circuit breaker
supplies power to the water heater. Refer to Section
J-2C - Water Heating Systems in this manual for more
Up to 800 watts (7.3 amps)
50 to 200 watts (2 amps)
550 to 700 watts (6.3 amps)
See motor load plate
DO NOT supply electrical power to an empty
water heater. Activate the FRESH WATER
circuit breaker and switch to start the water
pump and prime the system. Be sure there
is adequate water in the system before turning
on the water heater. Failure to comply will
result in immediate damage to the heater
25 to 75 watts (0.7 amps
1350 watts (12.3 amps)
1500 watts (13.7 amps)
Wattage as marked
Fry Pan
1500 watts (10.5 amps)
See motor load plate
Vacuum Cleaners
Table III:  Electrical Equipment
Electric Stove - The RANGE circuit breaker must be
activated to supply power to the electric stove. Refer
Electrical Systems - Section H
Owner’s Manual Page 81
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