2001 Four Winns V375 Boat Owners Manual

B.   MerCruiser
Engine Flush Out Option
3.   The engine must be running at idle during
flushing procedure.
Allow water to flush the engine and exhaust
manifold for about ten minutes.
MerCruiser  engine flush out procedures if not
followed in accordance to their specific
instructions can result in costly engine damage.
Follow MerCruiser’s specific instructions for
flush-out procedures located in the Engine
operator’s manual. Consult engine
manufacturer’s authorized service center for
additional assistance should further questions
Turn engine OFF and turn water off. Disconnect
hose; replace and tighten cap securely.
Reinstall cap onto coupler after flushing.
The cap must be secured after flushing of
engine to prevent air from entering the system
and resulting in possible engine damage.
Make sure that no section of flush hoses is in
contact with moving or hot engine parts or
abrasive surfaces such as screw threads,
sharp edges, etc., which could damage the
hoses. Damage to the hoses could cause leaks
and possible flooding of the engine
compartment. Periodically check hoses for
The Four Winns installed flush out kit for
MerCruiser  engines may be used with the
boat in or out of the water and the engine ON.
See MerCruiser’s engine operator’s manual for
the specific engine flushout procedure.
For out of water flushing, avoid possible injury
by removing the propeller and ensure that no
people or animals are in the area of the drive
unit while flushing. Contact with moving drive
components and the propeller can cause
personal injury or death.
To flush out the Mercruiser  engine follow the guide-
lines below as well as the specific procedure outlined
in MerCruiser’s engine operator’s manual:  
Remove cap from coupling and attach water
supply hose.
Turn on water supply - See Engine owner’s
General Maintenance - Section R
Owner’s Manual Page 181
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