2001 Four Winns V375 Boat Owners Manual

D.   Cockpit Table
A.   Cleaning Interior Fabric/Upholstery
An aft cockpit table is standard. Table bases are
“flush” mount ed for convenience and safety.  
The fabric used in the cabin should be treated the
same as fabrics in your home. Periodic vacuuming
and gentle cleaning will keep the fabric and upholstery
clean and odor free. Spraying the fabric/upholstery
with Lysol Spray Disinfectant   will help retard mildew.
For vinyl care see N-4A.
To set up the cockpit table:
Insert the table legs (approximately 26.5" long)
into the floor mounts.
Mount the cockpit table onto the table legs.
A recommended “Cleaning Kit” includes:
To remove the cockpit table simply reverse the
Westley’s Clear Magic                                      (for ordering information
call 1-800-416-1600 or 800-321-8577; website
address www.westleys.com)
To prevent damage to cockpit table and/or
cockpit interior ensure the cockpit table and
legs are properly stored.
Fast & Easy Glass Cleaner
(to locate the nearest distributor,
call 800-537-8990)
E.   Deck Sunpads
Tough Duty Cleaner
(to locate the nearest distributor,
call 800-537-8990)
The sunpads are optional.  These cushions securely
snap in place and provide comfort while sunbathing
on the foredeck. See Figure N14.
Clean, white towels
Portable/Compact Deep Cleaner Vacuum  
(Bissell Spot Lifter   or similar product)
To prevent a possible man overboard situation,
NEVER occupy the sunpads while the boat is
underway.  Use the sunpads when boat is at
rest only.
Air hose (if available)
To remove stains, please refer to the following list
for recommended cleaners.
Basic Stains/Ink/Grease/Pencil/Dirt:
Westley’s Clear Magic™
Adhesives/Teak Oil/Gum/Tar:
Tough Duty Cleaner™
Water Stains:
While fabric is still wet, use a deep cleaner
vacuum to go over the wet area. This will
remove the stain from the fabric. It is always
best to get the stain before it dries.
Figure N14:  Sundeck Pads
For water stains that have dried, use a deep
cleaner vacuum system. Follow the instruc-
tions that come with the deep cleaner system.
Repeat if necessary.
Upholstery - Section N
Owner’s Manual Page 158
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