2001 Four Winns V375 Boat Owners Manual

Control Systems
F - 1
Allow the engine to warm up before engaging
the shift control. Monitor all instruments while
engine is idling during warm-up.
Control systems permit operation of the engine’s
throttle and shift mechanisms. Typically, they consist
of three major components; the control, the throttle
and shift cables. Models with an electronic binnacle
control consist of the control head, electronic control
units (ECUs), and actuators.
A.   General
The V375 stern drive models are equipped with dual
engine electronic binnacle control with trim. The
inboard models are also equipped with an electronic
binnacle control (without trim). See Figures F1 and F2.
The left lever controls the port engine and the right
lever controls the starboard engine. Moving the lever
forward will shift the drive into forward. Moving it aft
will shift the drive into reverse. Moving the lever further
will increase engine speed.
The control information included in this section
is general only. For specific operation of the
controls on your boat, refer to the control
manufacturer’s literature included in your
owner’s packet. Ensure you completely
understand the operation of the controls before
operating your boat. Also consult your dealer
should any questions arise regarding the
operation of the control unit.
Port & Stbd Trim/Tilt Switches
(Stern Drive Only)
If your boat is equipped with a non-OEM
remote control system, ask your dealer how to
properly operate it.
Reduce throttle as soon as motor starts. Do
not run a cold motor any faster than necessary
to keep motor from stalling. Do not exceed
Figure F1: Dual Engine Electronic Binnacle Control
Dual Engine Electronic
Binnacle Control
During the general operation of a twin engine boat,
it is advantageous for both engines to be operated at
the same engine speed (rpm). This reduces noise and
vibra tion, and can increase propulsion system effi-
ciency. Setting the throttles so the engines are running
at the same rpm (synchronized) can be done by
engine sounds or by an engine synchronizer gauge.
Attempting to synchronize the engines solely by using
tachometer readings or manually controlling the
throttle lever placement will generally not be effective.
Please note however with the electronic dual binnacle
control engine synchronization is made easier without
the need for engine synchronizer gauge. When the
engines are in proper synchronization, the throttle
levers may not necessarily be in the same position.
Figure F2: Stern Drive / Inboard Helm Station
Control Systems - Section F
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