2001 Four Winns V375 Boat Owners Manual

Accessories - Additional 12 volt equipment may be
added to the boat by the using the accessory switch-
es. Depending on the model, certain accessories may
be wired directly to the fuse block below the dash or
may be wired to a circuit breaker in the AC/DC cabin
panel. For additional information on adding accesso-
ries, refer to Section H-7B.
Horn - To sound the horn, press the HORN switch.
Instrument Lights - On the V375 models, the INSTRU-
MENT LTS switch is used to activate the instrument
lights on the dash. A switch allows for the high/low
illumination of the instrument lights.
Navigation & Anchor Lights - Moving the NAV/ANC
LTS switch towards the NAV position activates the
12 Volt DC Receptacles - Permits the use of additional    bow lights and the all-around light. Move the switch
12 volt equipment such as a cell phone. Using the
to the ANC position to activate the all-around light.
appropriate adaptor, the equipment draws power from
the boat’s batteries.
The center switch posi tion is “OFF”.
Arch Light - The ARCH LTS switch is used to activate
the radar arch lights.
Aft Bilge Pump - The BILGE PUMP switch is used
to manually activate the bilge pump in the engine
compartment. The bilge pump is used to remove
water from the bilge (bottom of the hull) area of the
boat by pumping that water overboard. The aft bilge
pump is equipped with an automatic bilge switch and
will operate whenever bilge water rises to a level that
will cause the float to move upward.
Trim Tabs - The boat is equipped with electric-
hydraulic trim tabs, the trim tabs are controlled by the
TRIM TAB switches. Refer to Section E-8 - Trim Tabs
for more information.
Windlass - The WINDLASS switch activates the
windlass. A circuit breaker is located on the battery
switch panel. Refer to the Section M-12 in this manual
and the manufacturer’s literature for additional
This automatic bilge pump is active even if the battery
selector switch is in the “OFF” position or if no battery
selector switch is installed. The automatic bilge pump
circuitry is connected directly to the batteries. When
leaving your boat unattended for an ex tende  d period,
check the charge on the battery(s) periodically. Also
check the water level in the bilge and make sure the
float switch is functional.
Engine Hatch - The ENGINE HATCH switch is used
to raise and lower the engine lid by activating a linear
screw jack.  Pressing the upper portion of the switch
marked “UP” allows the engine lid to be raised.
Pressing the lower portion of switch marked “DOWN”  
lowers the engine lid.
If the automatic bilge pump must be disabled, discon-
nect the wiring plug near the bilge pump.
Wiper - The WIPER(S) switch activates the windshield
wiper(s). The wiper(s) will self park.
Blower - The BLOWER switch is used to activate the
bilge blower.  Pressing the switch to the “ON” position,
activates the electric bilge blowers, changing the air in
the engine compartment that may contain gas vapors.
B.   Installation of Additional 12 Volt Equipment
Accessories may be added to the boat by wiring
directly to the cabin panel. Non-factory installed
the “ACC” switch on the dash.
volt accessory equipment can be connected to
Gasoline vapors can explode resulting in injury
or death. Before starting the engine, check
engine compartment bilge for gasoline or
vapors. Operate blower for four minutes, and
verify blower operation. ALWAYS run the
blower when the vessel is operating below
cruising speed.
Be sure to provide proper fuse or circuit
breaker protection for all 12 volt equipment that
is installed. DO NOT overload the accessory
circuitry by installing too much additional 12 volt
Cockpit Lights - The COCKPIT LTS switch is used to
activate the cockpit (courtesy) lights. An additional
cockpit light switch is typically located on the cabin
light switch panel.
Electrical Systems - Section H
Owner’s Manual Page 78
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