2001 Four Winns V375 Boat Owners Manual

The VHF radio with microphone is mounted on the
helm. If equipped, additional information is included
in the manufacturer’s literature included in the owner’s
A GPS/chart plotter is an electronic system through
which a navigator can determine his position regard-
less of weather. The GPS sensor receives high
frequency radio signals generated from satellites to
generate coordinate readings on the display. The
GPS navigational unit takes this information and
uses it to determine the vessel’s exact position and
indicates the vessels position on the chart plotter.
The chart plotter allows one’s course to be plotted
electronically. Factory installed GPS/Plotter system
is one of the optional navigational packages offered.
It is mounted at the helm. If equipped, refer to the
manufacturer’s literature included in the owner’s
Figure E13: Compass
After all personal equipment is installed, including all
electronics (VHF radio, GPS, chart plotter, etc.), the
compass must be properly calibrated. DO NOT rely
on the compass readings until initial adjust ment
(compensation) has been performed. The boat has a
factory installed compass, the manufacturer’s instruc-
tions are provided in the owner’s packet. Most areas
have local companies that specialize in compass
adjustment. If unsure of the proper compensation
techniques, consider having the adjustment done
professional ly to insure accuracy and confi dence in
the compass.
You should not rely on these displays as your
primary source of navigation. Rather, you
should use the chart plotter as a backup to
official government charts and traditional
methods of navigation.
During use, keep all extraneous metal objects
away from the compass. The close proximity of
metal objects (e.g., beverage cans) can cause
compass deviation.
Radar along with the GPS/Plotter is included in the
navigation package option. The radar detects objects/
targets and displays them for the operator to see.
This option is available on the V375 model and
if so equipped refer to the manufacturer’s literature
included in the owner’s packet for operation instruc-
N.   Instrument Maintenance
Electrical protection for instruments and ignition
circuitry is provided by a circuit breaker on the ignition
panel. Periodically, spray the ignition switches with a
contact cleaner. The ignition switches and all instru-
ments, controls, etc. should be protected from the
weather when not in use. Four Winns offers appropri-
ate weather covers for each mod el. Excessive expo-
sure can lead to gauge and igni tion switch difficul ties.
Depth Sounder
A depth sounder may be included with the navigation
package option on the V375 models. Please consult
the manufacturer’s literature included in the owner’s
packet for operation and care of this particular depth
DO NOT use a product such as WD-40 as
a contact cleaner. Be sure to read the label
before using any product.
A compass is standard on the V375 models. See
Figure E13. The compass can provide directional
information when operating offshore, in unfamiliar
waters, or in adverse weather conditions.
Electronic gauges are affected by static electricity that
builds-up on the glass face. Periodic washing of the
gauge face with warm water and mild liquid detergent
will help eliminate the static electricity problem and
improve gauge accuracy.
Engines, Drives and Instrumentation - Section E
Owner’s Manual Page 65
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