2001 Four Winns V375 Boat Owners Manual

To remove stains, follow the general guidelines list
and/or refer to the Step-by Step Cleaning Instructions
General Stain Removal Guidelines
Basic Stains/Grease/Pencil/Dirt:
Ivory (mild) Dishwashing Soap
Fantastik Spray Cleaner   applied with a medium-
soft brush or Vinyl Finish Vinyl Cleaner  using a
and water, or
soft clean cloth, then rinse with a soft clean cloth.
Tough Stains/Adhesive/Teak Oil/Rust:
Tough Duty Cleaner
; rinse with soap and water
, let soak
All cleaning methods must be followed by a thorough rinse
with clean warm water.
or spray with Vinyl Finish Vinyl Cleaner
for approximately ten (10) minutes, then gently
scrub with a soft bristle brush. Thoroughly rinse
vinyl and dry.
Certain  household  cleaners,  powdered  abrasives, steel  wool
and industrial cleaners can cause damage and discoloration and
are not recom mended.  Dry cleaning fluids and lacquer solvents
should not be used as they will remove the printed pattern and
gloss.  Waxes should be used with caution as many contain
dyes or solvents  that can permanently  damage the protective
To prevent possible damage to the vinyl, rinse
with soap and water after applying the Tough
Duty Cleaner   or Vinyl Finish Cleaner . Then
™                                                            ®
rinse and dry.
*Suntan lotion, tree pollen, wet leaves and some other products
can contain dyes that stain permanently.  Care should be exer-
cised and boat covers should be utilized.
Step-By-Step Vinyl Cleaning Instructions Table
Denatured alcohol or Hemisphere Ink Remover .
When docking or mooring your boat be aware
of your surroundings i.e. trees with pollen, wet
leaves, berries etc. These and other items can
contain dyes that stain permanently. Utilize
weather covers whenever possibly to protect
vinyl from potential stains.
Mildew Stains:
To kill bacteria creating the mildew, vigorously
brush the stained area with a 4-to-1 mixture of
water and ammonia; rinse thoroughly with water
and dry.
Tough Mildew Stains:
™                              ™
DO NOT use 409 Cleaner   or Armorall   on
vinyl. Do not use kerosine, gasoline or acetone
as they will remove the protective marine
Apply a mixture of one (1) teaspoon am monia,
one-fourth (1/4) cup of hydrogen peroxide, and
three-fourths (3/4) cup of distilled water; rinse
with water and dry.
All cleaning methods must be followed by
a thorough rinse with water and drying.
Upholstery - Section N
Owner’s Manual Page 160
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