2001 Four Winns V375 Boat Owners Manual

Proper performance of the shaft seal is directly
dependent upon correct propeller shaft alignment.
Propeller damage, a bent strut or shaft, or abnormal
wear, settling, etc., are common reasons for misalign-
ment. Therefore, periodically have the shaft alignment
checked and have adjustments made when neces-
C.   Propeller Shaft
When lifting the boat, always position the lifting
straps at the corresponding “sling” labels.
Lifting the boat with lifting straps over the prop
shafts will cause the shafts to become bent.
Improper lifting technique will not be covered
under warranty.
To prevent personal injury, keep away
from  the propulsion  machinery  during
its operation or whenever the boat is in
motion. Movement of water past a pro-
peller can cause the propeller, propeller
shaft, and  other propulsion  machinery
to rotate  even if  that equipment is  not
being operated intentionally.
The prop shafts of all our V-drive boats are aligned at
the factory. Prop shaft alignment should be checked
by your dealer during pre-delivery service. Shaft
alignment should be checked again forty-eight hours
after initial commissioning. Periodic checks of shaft
alignments, and engine V-drive mounting bolts should
be made; especially if noise or vibration occurs.
Shaft Log
Seal Assy.
Prop Shaft
Zinc Anode
Excessive vibration, abnormal shaft log wear,
or broken propeller shaft coupling bolts are an
indication of misalignment. Misalignment can
also cause severe damage to shaft logs, struts,
shafts and the engine transmission or v-drive.
Realignment should only be performed by a
qualified service person. The following proce-
dures are provided so a boat owner can
determine if service work is required.
Shaft Log
Propeller Shaft
Figure E3: Underwater Equipment
The propeller shaft coupling and engine/V-drive output
flange coupling must be aligned to within 0.004
inches. Always be sure the prop shaft is centered in
the strut bearing and shaft log before alignment
adjust ments are made. Refer to Figure E4.
To prevent water from entering into the boat,
always be sure the lock nuts are tightened
securely to prevent the packing nuts from
loosening. DO NOT attempt to tighten the lock
nuts without the proper equipment to hold the
packing nut stationary.
B.   Strut
The strut secures the lower end of the propeller shaft.
Seasonal inspection of each strut should be made to
insure no damage has incurred and the strut bearing
is not worn excessively.
When the boat is removed from the water for winter-
ization or general maintenance, apply a light water
proof grease to the strut bearing (rubber sleeve in the
strut) and the shaft where it penetrates the strut
bearing. This will keep the strut bearing from drying
out. Replace the strut bearing should it become worn
or cracked.
Figure E4: Coupling Alignment
Engines, Drives and Instrumentation - Section E
Owner’s Manual Page 56
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