2001 Four Winns V375 Boat Owners Manual

The cockpit refrigerator (if applicable) operates
automatically on 120 volt AC or 12V DC power supply.
When both power sources are supplied to the refrig-
erator, it defaults to AC. When the refrigerator is
disconnected  from shore power (when AC power is
no longer available)  the refrigerator switches to DC
a water filter to the system such as one produced by
PuriTek  . The taste will completely dissipate in time.
L - 3
A.   Stereo System
Four Winns offers a CD player and 6 disc CD changer
as standard equipment. A stereo remote with display
feature at the helm is available and an additional
stereo remote with display feature is optional at the
The cockpit refrigerator runs continuously and does
not utilize water. Unlike the icemaker, no winterization
is required. Please follow the manufacturer’s instruc-
tions regarding the use, care and maintenance of the
refrigerator. These instructions are found in the
owner’s packet.
Speakers are installed within the interior cabins and
exterior cock pit areas to pro vide excellent sound
quali ty. An amplifier, tweeters, and a subwoofer are
also included in this entertainment package. In
addition, the cabin and cockpit speakers can be faded
in or out depending on the effect desired. For stereo
operation, please refer to the manufacturer’s manual
included in the owner’s information packet.
The icemaker operates on 120 volt (220 volt on 50
Hertz models) AC power and will only function when
plugged into dockside power or when the generator
is running. The icemaker is controlled by the Cockpit
Icemaker/Refrigerator Circuit Breaker on the main
cabin electrical panel. Refer to Section H - Electrical
Systems for more information.
B.   TV and DVD Player
To operate, make sure the unit is plugged in and the
main water supply is on. Ensure the “ice bin arm” is
in the DOWN position. The first ice cubes may take
approxi mately 45 minutes to be made.
A flat screen TV and DVD player with remote is
standard on the V375 models. It uses an internal
speaker only. The TV is not wired into the stereo
speaker system. Please read the manufacturer’s
information on the TV and DVD player in the owner’s
packet. See Figure L3.
To control the temperature, turn the temperature
control clockwise to make it colder or turn control
counterclockwise to make it warmer.  Remember,
a warmer setting increases the rate of ice production
(maximum ice is achieved at the warmest setting).  
Refer to the manufacturer’s information in the
owner’s packet for further information.
Flat ScreenTelevision
To winterize, unplug the unit and follow the normal
cleaning, maintenance and winterization instructions
included in the manufacturer’s manual. For instruc-
tions on winterizing with antifreeze, refer to Section J-
on Water System Maintenance in this manual.
Thoroughly flush the water supply lines and
system prior to initial use, and at least once
each season. This will remove any additives
and possible contaminants present in the
Figure L1:  Television
The materials from which the components of the
water system are made may give the water supply a
peculiar taste, especially when new. This condition is
normal and can be reduced substantially by adding
Interior Equipment - Section L
Owner’s Manual Page 137
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