2002-2008 Four Winns Vista 378 Boat Owners Manual

A.   Shore Power Connections
Always disconnect the shore power cord from
the dockside first before disconnecting from the
To prevent electric shock hazards, use only equ-
ipment with approved three wire electrical plug
connections. Be sure each item being used has
been tested and is free of electrical shorts and
B.   120 VoltAC Equipment
All 12 volt equipment is  isolated from the 120 volt AC
system (except the refrigerator which is dual voltage).
Appropriately labeled circuit breakers protect allAC sys-
tems on the boat. The receptacles can be used for 120
Refer to theTable I: Electrical Equipment for information
on appliances and other equipment.
Fifty foot, ten gauge, three wire, shore power cords are
provided with dockside wiring. The shore power cords on
Hertz systems have 30 amp  twistlock-type connec-
tors.  This connector complies  with the American Boat
and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards.
Battery Charger - The battery charger AC input is con-
trolled by a circuit breaker on the AC electrical panel in
the cabin labeled BATTERYCHARGER
Some marinas are not equipped with approved twistlock-
typereceptacles. AnadaptorisavailablefromFourWinns
which converts the twistlock shore plug  to a three wire
grounded household type plug.  Use only an approved
adaptor when an adaptor is necessary.
be on to operate with 120 voltage.  If this breaker is off,
the refrigerator will automatically operate on the 12 volt
system.  This can deplete the ships systems batteries.
Excessive drain on the battery may cause  irreparable
batterydamage.  Therefrigeratorwillautomaticallyoper-
ate on 120 volts when provided. Refer to Section L-1C -
Galley Equipment in this manual for more information.
DO NOT use a two-wire adaptor to connect to a
three-wire system. These adapters do not pro-
Shore power connection procedure is as follows:
plies 120 VAC power to the water heater. Refer to Sec-
tion J-2C - Water  Heating Systems in this manual for
Turn off the boat’s main breaker switches at the AC
panel offbeforeconnectingordisconnectingtheshore
power cord(s).  Ensure the main breakers located
underneath the stbd cockpit aft seat are on.
Connect shore power cord(s) at the boat first, then
connect it to dockside shore power outlet(s).
DO NOT supply electrical power  to an empty
water heater. Activate the FRESH WATER cir-
cuit breaker and switch to start the water pump
and prime  the system.   Be sure there  is ad-
equate water in the system  before turning on
the water heater. Failure to comply will result in
immediate damage to the heater element.
tacle of the boat before making connections to
the shore power source.
shore power breaker switches. If the reversed polar-
itylightisactivated,  immediatelydisconnecttheshore
power cord(s). See Section H-6C - Reverse Polarity
Electric Stove -The RANGE circuit breaker must be ac-
tivated to supply 120 VAC power to the electric stove on
all Vista™ models. RefertoSectionL-1A - GalleyEquip-
ment in this manual for more information.
Microwave - The MICROWAVE breaker must be acti-
vated to supply 120 VAC power to the microwave on all
Vista™ models.
To disconnect shore power, turn off the main breaker
switch on theAC electrical panel and disconnect the
power  cord(s)  from  the  shore  power  dockside
receptacle(s) first. Then, disconnect the cord(s) from
the boat.
378 Vista™  Owner’s Manual
Section H
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