2002-2008 Four Winns Vista 378 Boat Owners Manual

underwater.  TheV-drivesystemhastheenginemounted        Proper performance of the shaft seal is directly depen-
in the extreme  stern of the  boat with the  output shaft     dent upon correct propeller shaft alignment.   Propeller
facing forward.  A transmission which performs shifting    damage, a bent strut or shaft, or abnormal wear, settling,
functions is mounted directly onto the engine. AV-drive    etc., are common reasons for misalignment. Therefore,
reduction gearbox is mounted directly to the  transmis-     periodically have the shaft alignment checked and have
sion.  The prop  shaft is then connected to the V-drive      adjustments made when necessary.
output coupling. See Figure E1.
To prevent personal injury, keep away from the
propulsion machinery  during its  operation or
whenever the boat is in motion.  Movement of
water past a propeller can cause the propeller,
propeller shaft, and other propulsion machinery
to rotate  even if  that equipment  is not  being
operated intentionally.
Prop  Shaft
Log  Shaft
Figure E1:
Shaft  Log
Seal Assy.
Zinc  Anode
Always return the engine throttle lever to the ex-
tremelowspeedpositionbeforeshifting.    NEVER
shift  the  unit while  engine  speed  is  above
Propeller   Shaft
Figure  E2:   Underwater  Equipment
E - 4
To prevent water from entering into the boat, al-
ways be  sure the lock nuts  are tightened se-
curely to prevent the packing nuts from loosen-
ing.  DO NOT attempt to  tighten the lock nuts
without the proper equipment to hold the pac-
king nut stationary.
Avoid runningagroundorstrikinga(submerged)
object.  Serious damage to the engine(s) or in-
board underwater gear can result and the boat
cantakeonwater.   Intheeventofsuchanoccur-
rence, proceed at low speed to the nearest ser-
vice facility and have an immediate inspection
made of the prop shafts and struts before further
use of the craft. Keep all life saving devices at
hand while driving to a  dock area.  If the boat
cannot be immediately removed from the water,
thoroughly inspect the  bilge area for leaks  so
that the boat does not sink while moored.
B.   Strut
The strut secures the lower end  of the propeller shaft.
Seasonal inspection of each strut should be made to in-
sure no damage has incurred and the strut bearing is not
worn excessively.
When the boat is removed from the water for winteriza-
tion or general maintenance,  apply a light water proof
the shaft where it penetrates the strut bearing.  This will
keep the strut bearing from drying out. Replace the strut
bearing should it become worn or cracked.
A.   Shaft Log
The shaft log allows  the propeller shaft to extend  and
rotate through the hull  with only limited water leakage
occurring. Minor dripping may occur and is not abnormal
during operation. See Figure E1 & E2.
378 Vista™  Owner’s Manual
Section E
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