2002-2008 Four Winns Vista 378 Boat Owners Manual

Gear For Extended Cruises
Foul weather gear
Parallel rulers
Loran or Global Positioning System navigation  equipment
Carbon Monoxide!
Carbon monoxide (CO) can be harmful or fatal
if inhaled.  Brain damage or  death can result
from prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide.
Keep exhaust outlets clear of blockage.  Pro-
vide  adequate  ventilation.    Open  hatches,
doors, windows and vents to insure adequate
ventilation.  Close engine compartment doors
and hatches when engine or generator is run-
ning.  Avoid  operating the boat  for extended
periods of time at idle speed, and be sensitive
to weather conditions that may prevent CO from
dissipating into the air.  Do not stand or swim
near engine or generator  exhausts when en-
gines are running.
Figure B6:  Dual Trumpet Horn
The following are standard whistle signals:
One Prolonged Blast  Warning Signal
Pass on my Port Side
One Short Blast
Two Short Blasts
Three Short Blasts
Pass on my Starboard Side
Engines in Reverse
Five or More Blasts     Danger Signal
Navigation Lights
Navigation lights  are intended to  keep other vessels
informed of your presence and course.  If you are out
on the water between sunset and sunrise, you are re-
quired to display appropriate navigation lights.
Carbon monoxide  accumulation is  affected by  many
variables (e.g., boat geometry, hatch, window and door
opening,  ventilation openings, proximity to other struc-
tures, swim platforms, canvas enclosures,  location of
exhaust outlets, vessel attitude, wind direction, vessel
speed, boat systems maintenance, etc.) The technical
information included in this section is to inform the boat
owner of possible cause and effects of carbon monox-
ide exposure. This information has been reprinted with
permission from theAmerican Boat and Yacht Council’s
(ABYC) technical information  report:  “Educational In-
formation About Carbon  Monoxide”.  This  information
pertains to all gasoline powered boats manufactured by
Four Winns.
J.   Additional Recommended Equipment
Four Winns recommends  that you acquire  additional
equipment for safe, enjoyable cruising. This list, which
is not all inclusive, includes items you should consider
Basic Gear
Spare batteries
Mooring lines
Distress signals
VHF radio
Tow line
Oar, paddle
Dock fenders
Boat hook
First aid kit
Extra warm clothingCharts
Second anchor & line
Dewatering device (pump or bailer)
Emergency supply of drinking water and  food.
The boat owner should be aware that other fac-
tors may contribute to carbon monoxide accu-
mulation. The most common ones are listed in
this section.   If  a person is  exhibiting carbon
monoxide-typesymptoms(Referto  B-2E Symp-
toms), be sure  to take the necessary precau-
tions as prescribed later in this section.
Emergency Position Indicating Radio  Beacon
Spark plug wrench
Electrical tape
Prop wrench
Adjustable wrench
Duct tape
Lubricating oil
Spare Parts
Extra bulbs
Spare prop
Spark plugs
Extra fuses
Spare wire
Extra drain plug
Extra prop nut/washer
378 Vista™ Owner’s Manual
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