2002-2008 Four Winns Vista 378 Boat Owners Manual

This is due to the paint’s chemical emission that in turn
retards marine growth.  When this occurs, refinishing is
in order. For bottom paint line location, refer to the Fig-
ure P1 at the end of this section.
Improper repair techniques can lead to further
fiberglass component damage.
C.   Osmotic Blistering
Four Winns recommends reapplication  of the antifoul-
ing paint seasonally.  The effectiveness of the paint will
bedrasticallyreducedifusedlonger.    ThoughFour Winns
has found  the antifouling paints used  to provide good
marine growth protection in most water, other paints may
be more  effective in  certain water  conditions.  See  a
Four Winns dealer for recommendations on antifouling
paint use in your area.
Osmotic blistering or “boat  pox” is an unfortunate but
not uncommon occurrence in fiberglass boats.  Fiber-
glass is water retardant, not waterproof. When a boat
is left in the water for a period of time, the fiberglass will
absorb water.   It is a natural process  that can not be
eliminated in production methods or material selection
and usage.   However, there are  ways to control  and
possibly prevent blisters (see Section P-6).   If you do
encounter blisters,  be  assured that  the blisters  are
merely cosmetic.  They do not indicate a defect in the
boat structure or  lamination.  Four Winns,  along with
most boat manufacturers, regard gel blisters as a stan-
dard maintenance item.
During surface preparation, the  hull should be
sanded only enough to remove any foreign mat-
ter, and loose paint. DO NOT sand deeply into
the gel coat, fiberglass cosmetic problems could
later result.  After  sanding, the surface should
mended by the antifouling paint  manufacturer.
The surface must be clean and slightly rough to
ensure paint adhesion.
The repair procedure for gel  coat blisters is similar to
and gouges. There is an exception however, in that the
hull must dry  out for several  days or possibly  weeks
before repairs can proceed.
Prior to application of the antifouling paint, the boat owner
may consider coating the hull bottom with an epoxy coat-
ing.  Four Winns recommends this procedure as a pre-
ventive and effective means of controlling osmotic blis-
tering.  Most major antifouling paint manufacturers also
supply a line of epoxy undercoatings.  Consult your Four
Winns dealer for recommendations on epoxy undercoat-
To determine if the hull has dried sufficiently, tape one
square foot of household plastic  wrap securely to the
hull bottom.  Make sure all edges are sealed and let it
stand for twenty-four hours. If condensation has accu-
mulated under the plastic, the hull is still “wet” and must
be allowed to dry longer before repairing.
When the repair is completed, an application of an ep-
oxy barrier coat should  be considered.  This will help
prevent the possibility of reoccurrence of blisters. Your
Four Winns dealer or local ship store will have informa-
tion on barrier coat products.
P - 7
Proper support of the hull while it  is out of the water is
imperative. Due to the design complexities, Four Winns
made.  The boat is a valuable piece of equipment. DO
NOT risk permanent damage to the hull structure in an
attempt to save the cost of an adequate support. Improp-
er support can lead to serious and permanent hull defor-
P - 6
Four Winns recommends antifouling or bottom paint for
boats which will be kept in the water for extended peri-
ods of time. Antifouling paint reacts with water to retard
the growth of algae, barnacles and other marine growth
on the hull.  In addition to marine growth, it offers pro-
tection against excessive water pollution.
While lifting the boat, ensure slings are in the
proper locations as indicated by the sling loca-
tion labels .   Failure to do so  may result in
permanent hull structure  damage and will
invalidate the hull structure warranty.
Antifouling paint begins reaction upon contact with wa-
ter. After a season’s use or sooner under certain condi-
tions, the antifouling paint may appear to be dissolving.
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